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The art of stained glass has transcended through time enhancing and beautifying it's surroundings.   It has grown in it's popularity not only as a craft and hobby, but as an art.  Marlene and Arnie (hence Marni Originals) and daughter, Nancy Serrand, have spent years honing their skills in design, engineering and creativity to expand their  stained glass hobby into a profession.  After extensive trials, tribulations and finally, perfection, it has grown into an emporium of information, education, and supply to benefit all stained glass enthusiasts.

Originally founded by Arnie and Marlene in 1998, Marni Originals was a hobby.  After taking stained glass classes at Spanish River High School, they researched every tool, chemical, bevel, glass, method and accessory involved in the art.  They dabbled in every aspect of stained glass to the point of perfection (well, no one is perfect.)  When the stained glass teacher left the school, Marni Originals expanded to adult education and has earned respect in the stained glass community for their methodology and experience. 

As their student population grew, they found a need for assistance. That's where I come in. I started helping out with supplies and dabbled a bit in the art. Eventually my skills and youth won out. I have been teaching and creating for 13 years. Our move to Georgia has impeded our ability to teach in the public school system, but not our creativity.